How to customize invoices templates

The default invoice template can be customized to include company specific information such as images, addresses and other information.

Organization Account

  • Select the account you wish to use as the organization account.
  • Copy the Account ID
  • Navigate to Setup > Invoice Template and click + update
  • Add the Account ID to the representingAccountID field
  • Click Update Invoice Template

Invoice Logo

  • Navigate to the account you have set
  • In the Actions drop down menu select Edit
  • Add the link to the Logo URL field, ensure the URL uses https
  • Click Update Account

Set Invoice Logo position

  • In Setup > Invoice Template select ID_LEFT or ID_RIGHT from the Header Display drop down menu to set the position of the invoice logo

Account Billing Address

  • In the Actions drop down of the organzation account select Add Address
  • Add the information and click Done
  • In the invoice template settings you can use Include Footer to choose whether to include this address on invoices

Customer Billing Address

  • The process for include the customer billling address on invoices is the same. Set the address in via the Actions menu of the customer account.

Additional Information

  • You can also use the invoice template to set the following:
    • Show/Hide Tax is all invoice lines are zero-value
    • Show/Hide unit proce
    • Group invoice line items by Product, Rate Plan or Product and Rate Plan