Though the Billforward application and API are in English, your customers may prefer to receive information in a non-English format. For example, a customer in Italy may want to receive their invoices in Italian.


  1. When creating or updating an account the correspondence language can be set.
  2. The correspondence language can be changed at any time, for example if a customer decides to receive their invoices in a new language.
  3. The default correspondence language is English (en-US).
  4. Languages can be set using either the Billforward UI or via API.
  5. Correspondence language follow the IETF BCP 47 language tag.
  6. The current language templates supported are English [en-US], Polish [pl], German [de], French [fr], Czech [cs], Italian [it], Spanish [es].


When editing or creating an account, the language can be set:



When an account is created the correspondenceLanguage can be provided.


# Create an account with language set to Italian
# A PUT can be used to update the correspondence language

curl "" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer INSERT_ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d \
"profile": {