BillForward's Netsuite integration allows for further financial reporting than provided by default.

Note: This feature is not in general availability, please contact your account manager to join the beta preview.

This allows customers to leverage the powerful pricing and subscription billing features of BillForward whilst using GAAP-compliant revenue recognition and financial reporting provided by Netsuite.

Data Flow

The integration provides a 2-way data flow between Netsuite and BillForward. The following data is sent:

  1. Product & Rate-Plans
  2. Account
  3. Invoice
  4. Payments and Refunds
  5. Credit

Product & Rate-Plans

Rate-Plans are automatically created in Netsuite as Items. They can be configured as inventory or non-inventory items (default). Once an item has been created in Netsuite the revenue recognition options can be configured.

Items in Netsuite do not create a product or rate-plan in BillForward.


BillForward is the master record holder for accounts and as such a Customer Account is created in Netsuite for each BillForward account. When an account is updated in BillForwad any associated customer account data is updated in Netsuite.

Addresses in BillForward are associated to the customer Address List in Netsuite and may generate customer contacts.


Invoices are automatically synchronized to Netsuite. This includes the invoice lines and taxation. Provisioned invoices are not sent to Netsuite. Invoices can be excluded from synchronizing based on criteria such as the rate-plan. Each invoice line is is linked back to the invoice object. Taxes are also treated as invoice line items.

Invoice dates are sent as part of the synchronization as well as the current state of the invoice. This will be used by Netsuite to calculate revenue recognition.

Payment and Refunds

Payments and Refunds are a two way synchronization between BillForward and Netsuite.

Payments may be applied to multiple invoices in both platforms. Payments will only be sent to Netsuite once they have completed, for example ACH is not sent until the transaction is finished processing.

Refunds are associated with a specific payment. Note refunds in Netsuite are applied at a customer level whereas in BillForward they are applied on a payment level. When creating a refund in Netsuite certain fields including the associated payment need to be specified.


Credit is generated as Credit Memos in Netsuite.

Custom Fields

Custom fields can be configured in the BillForward Netsuite integration. This allows for customization of the integration.

Synchronization Order

  1. Products & Rate-Plans
  2. Accounts
  3. Invoices & Invoice Items
  4. Payments and Refunds
  5. Credit