Want to Drive More Profits To Your Business?

Billforward powers the DTC strategies of some of the world's best know consumer goods brands.

The shift in consumer buying habits towards e-commerce means that all types of companies are looking to sell direct to end users.

Better margins, ownership of the customer journey, and visibility of customer purchasing data are just some of the reasons for this.

Billforward's comprehensive range of DTC features can help you start a new subscription offering or scale an existing one. 

If you are omni-channel or have a highly customised front end, you can use Billforward as a "headless" subscription management platform.

If you want to get up and running fast with a "no-code" or "low-code" approach, you can use Billforward's Flexcheck tool and start selling in minutes.


  • Allow customer to customise their subscriptions with product options: type, size, colour, quantity and subscription frequency
  • Supports one-off set up-fees and free or discounted trials 
  • Mix one-off  purchases and subscriptions by giving customers a "Subscribe and Save" option
  • Allow customers to "Build-a-box", curate it yourself or offer them a hybrid - somewhere between the two
  • "Surprise and Delight" your customers with a free or personalised item in their first purchase or on a recurring basis every few months
Drive Sales

Billforward gives you a whole range of tools to promote your product or service and drive sales:

  • Increase average order value by offering customers bundles and upgrade opportunities during the lifetime of their subscription
  • Incentive customers to commit to a longer period by including freebies for longer term subscriptions
  • Offer a monthly subscription club, which gives members access to better deals online or in-store
  • Advanced coupon and discounting features mean you can set how and when coupons can be redeemed - e.g. give customers a coupon equal to their initial one-off purchase that can only be spent on a subscription


Increase uptake and save your customer service team's time by making it easy for customers to manage their subscriptions using Billforward's Customer Portal:

  • Allow pausing, editing and cancelling of subscriptions 
  • Let you customers swap items in their recurring bundle
  • Allow changing of subscription frequency or skipping to next delivery
  • Allow you customers to opt-out of specific types of products in their bundles
  • Set evolving subscriptions which change over time e.g. baby food.
Build Loyalty

For existing customers, Billforward gives you the tools to increase engagement, loyalty and recurring revenue:

  • Harness the power of social networks with Billforward's Recommend a Friend feature. Automatically calculate and apply loyalty points, discounts, cash credits or goods in kind to customers who refer their friends 
  • Offer discounts for customers signing up longer term subscriptions
  • Give exclusive offers only to customers who have subscribed for a set amount of time e.g. 1 year commitment
  • Gamify your loyalty programmes - by creating multiple levels of loyalty with different discounts or benefits based on each customer's number of referrals, volume of sales or length of subscription

Billforward can be used as a standalone order and subscription management tool using our "no-code" Flexcheck solution.

However, if you have other software in your stack,  our API-first design and out-of-the box integrations make it easy to connect to Billforward.


  • E-commerce/Front end - Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, commercetools
  • Analytics - Chartmogul
  • CRM - Hubspot, Salesforce
  • Financial/ERP - Xero, Quickbooks, Square Payments, Avalara
  • Fulfillment - Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), Ordoro
  • Payments - 30+ global payment gateways

Billing is complex. Billforward lets you take it in your stride.


Subscription Management

Subscription management that elegantly handles the simplest to the most complex pricing strategies.

Recuring Billing and Invoicing

Optimize customer relationships with powerful features to handle billing and invoicing.

Quotes and Contracts

Quotes and Contracts made to make the lives of your Sales Team a little bit easier.

Payment Gateways

Billforward is payment gateway agnostic and can integrate yours out of the box.


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Reporting & Analytics

Let us help you with your invoicing, analytics, and revenue recognition.

Affiliate Marketplace

Leverage reseller network. Grow partnerships and gain additional revenue.

Accounting and Taxes

Accounting integrations made simple. Taxes can be tricky, but your billing platform shouldn’t be.

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