Subscription Management

An industry-leading set of subscription management features that elegantly handles the simplest to the most complex pricing strategies. 

The Billforward Subscription Builder gives you the ultimate flexibility to create the subscriptions that make the most sense for your business.

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Multiple Types of Pricing Components
Price the way that makes sense for your business
  • One-time set up or onboarding fees
  • Recurring charges
  • Usage/Metered and Pay-As-You-Go charging
  • Infinitely flexible billing periods - all the way from seconds to years

All of these features can be combined inside the same rate plan - so, for example, you could have a set up fee, a recurring monthly charge, which gave a customer a certain level of service. If they went above this you could charge overage charges based on their usage.

All of these charges will then be neatly combined into a single invoice!
Volume Pricing Tools

Be creative with quantity-based pricing!

Do you want to incentivise your customers to commit to more when they sign up or reward them with better prices for buying more in the future?

Whatever your strategy for driving additional sales, Billforward allows you to set up your pricing to achieve this.

  • Tiered, bucketed and volume based pricing - where prices can go up or down based on volume
  • Hybrid pricing - where volume discounts can apply to one or more subscription component - or the whole invoice
  • Flat pricing - if you just want to keep things simple...
Building your subscription plans takes minutes, and using our Clone tool, you can quickly replicate a rate plan at click of a button.
Sales and Marketing Tools

Empower your sales and marketing teams

Billforward has a powerful set of features to help your team close more sales:

  • Building a subscription rate plan is quick and easy, which means you can experiment and iterate as much as you need, with no coding required
  • Billforward's powerful coupon and discounting tool means you can target your offers with surgical precision. Coupons can be percentage or amount based, can apply to the whole subscription or just part of it. They can have unique redeemable codes and be time limited or only available to certain customer segments.
  • Do you want your customers to be able to gift subscriptions? No problem - Billforward allows one customer to buy a subscription for another. It even allows them to set it to start in the future - to coincide with a special date.
Automated Emails and Notifications

Optimize communication with your customers

Automated email communication allows you to give you customers the information that they need at every stage of the subscription lifecycle.

  • Out of the box, Billforward can send basic notification emails to customers such as upcoming subscription renew or card details need updating
  • This gets you started with no coding and allows basic branding and configuration
  • If you need more detailed notifications, Billforward has webhooks for over 30 system events which can be connected with other software in your stack
  • If you want to integrate with your own email service provider to keep your branding and communications consistent - Billforward can do that too!
Multiple Payment Options

Optimising payment cycles and minimising churn are critical for any business. Billforward's versatile payment options allow your customers to pay in a way that works for them.


  • Take payments globally through our integrations with 30+ international payment gateways
  • Billforward allows you to receive all types of payment including checks, cash, ACH and direct debit
  • Smart least-cost payment routing automatically chooses a gateway depending on the size and type of a payment to minimise processing costs
  • Capture payment details from customers in seconds using Billforward's payment request forms for ACH and debit and credit card details.

Billing is a never-ending story

As a Y Combinator company, we know how important it is for your billing solution to grow with your business. We are here to support you, regardless of the stage you are at. From start-up, to SMB, to enterprise – we are here for you.

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