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Reporting and Analytics

Don’t let the numbers get in the way.

We’ve Got You Covered

Handle revenue recognition easily

Effortlessly calculate deferred revenue in line with the new ASC 606 standards. Understand how your numbers stack up against each other. Instantly compare dates, plans, customer segments.

Generate reports

Generate reports on revenue, cash & credit, cash flow, refunds, customers and subscriptions. Group by day, month, year – down to line item level. Export reports to CSV, JSON and render as bar, line,  or pie charts.

Gain meaningful insights on the state of your business

Use Billforward’s custom Metabase multi-tenant Business Intelligence Tool to understand churn, LTV and plan performance.

Billing is a never-ending story

As a Y Combinator company, we know how important it is for your billing solution to grow with your business. We are here to support you, regardless of the stage you are at. From start-up, to SMB, to enterprise – we are here for you.

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