Can your billing solution keep up with your sales and marketing efforts?

Flexibility and versatility are at the very heart of Billforward. That helps you, as a sales or marketing professional, to react to customer feedback in a fraction of the time it takes your competitors.

Billforward gives you the ability to launch products and promotions, take them to market, incentivize and reward your loyal customer base, drive and measure referrals and calculate payouts and commission to salespeople and resellers - all inside one platform.


Unrivalled Subscription Flexibility
  • Effortlessly create, launch, test, and iterate your plans, subscriptions and packages;
  • Clone successful plans, tweak them, and re-launch in seconds;
  • Create standard and custom plans with equal ease;
  • Bill any way you want- from simple monthly subscriptions to usage-based billing (PAYG) to hybrid models - and everything in between;
  • Take advantage of volume and tiered pricing to drive sales with volume discounts or higher initial buy-in incentives;
Omnichannel and Headless
  • Billforward supports a range of go-to-market strategies, from zero-code to sophisticated headless implementations;
  • Our "Flexcheck" hosted checkout allows you to start selling subscriptions online in minutes without any development work;
  • Billforward's Shopify and Shopify Plus integrations enable you to sell your subscriptions through your Shopify store (in production June '21);
  • For sophisticated headless implementations, Billforward integrates natively with commercetools ;
  • Being an API-first platform, Billforward can easily integrate with your existing front end and back end setups;
  • With our Square Payments integration, you can go omnichannel and simultaneously sell subscriptions online and physical products in-store, if that fits your business model best;
Promo and Loyalty Tools
  • Drive sales with highly configurable free trials and coupons that allow you to apply discounts across multiple parameters;
  • Measure and reward referrals from existing customers and keep track of their rewards;
  • Create multi-tier reward schemes;
  • Allow gifting of subscriptions;
  • Reward and incentivize long-standing customers, based on time or value of purchases;
Sales Management Tools
  • Use Billforward's Affiliate Marketplace to calculate commissions due to partners, salespeople, and resellers;
  • Commission payments are calculated automatically and can be a percentage or fixed amount;
  • Save your sales team's time by managing your customers' subscriptions without leaving Salesforce or Hubspot;

Billing is complex. Billforward lets you take it in your stride.


Subscription Management

Subscription management that elegantly handles the simplest to the most complex pricing strategies.

Recuring Billing and Invoicing

Optimize customer relationships with powerful features to handle billing and invoicing.

Quotes and Contracts

Quotes and Contracts made to make the lives of your Sales Team a little bit easier.

Payment Gateways

Billforward is payment gateway agnostic and can integrate yours out of the box.


Billforward works closely with our partners to provide you with the best solutions.

Reporting & Analytics

Let us help you with your invoicing, analytics, and revenue recognition.

Affiliate Marketplace

Leverage reseller network. Grow partnerships and gain additional revenue.

Accounting and Taxes

Accounting integrations made simple. Taxes can be tricky, but your billing platform shouldn’t be.

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