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Recurring Billing and Invoicing

Optimize customer relationships with powerful features to handle billing and invoicing.

Billforward gives you a range of tools to match the way you want to to charge your customers.

We’ve Got You Covered

Usage Based Billing

Bill your customers on any metric!

If your business model is Pay-As-You-Go or you need to charge customers additional usage fees on top of their basic plan, Billforward's unique metered and usage based billing features give you the tools to do this.


  • Charge according to any metric that you already measure.
  • This could be anything from data to API calls, to numbers of physical deliveries to services delivered in hours or minutes.
  • Easily update your customer's usage in the intuitive Billforward admin console
  • Alternatively, automate the process and pull the data in using Billforward's powerful API
Let Billforward do the heavy lifting

Billforward does the complex billing calculations giving you the confidence that you customers will be invoiced the right amount, every time.

Automatically pro-rate upgrades and downgrades. 


  • Split invoices for customer down payments and deposits.
  • If a customer has multiple subscriptions running - group them into a single monthly invoice
  • Configure whatever payment terms fit your business
  • Let Billforward handle all of the above so you can focus on running your business.
Enterprise Billing tools

Enterprise customers often have specific invoicing requirements. Billforward is designed to give your most important customers exactly the invoicing experience you want them to have.


  • Invoice splitting - to reflect different contract deliverables
  • Invoice aggregation - to combine multiple subscriptions into a single, clear monthly invoice
  • Flexible billing periods - one second to multiple years - and everything in between
  • Set purchase orders against an invoice or subscription
  • Bill in advance of subscription renewing
  • Automatic calculation of late payment interest (via our Xero integration)
Smart Dunning tools to minimise churn

Create your end-to-end dunning strategy with Billforward


  • Automated payment gateway ‘waterfalling’ which tries alternate payment method if first one fails
  • Configurable number of payment retries and interval between them
  • Automated notifications to customers payment failures, and expiring cards.
Multiple Payment Options

Optimising payment cycles and minimising churn are critical for any business. Billforward's versatile payment options allow your customers to pay in a way that works for them.


  • Take payments globally through our integrations with 30+ international payment gateways
  • Billforward allows you to receive all types of payment including checks, cash, ACH and direct debit
  • Smart least-cost payment routing automatically chooses a gateway depending on the size and type of a payment to minimise processing costs
  • Capture payment details from customers in seconds using Billforward's payment request forms for ACH and debit and credit card details.
International Billing Tools

If your business has international customers, Billforward's international options help you handle this.


  • Render invoices in multiple currencies
  • Bill in 20+ currencies out of the box, with more available on demand
  • Mix and match payment gateways to optimise cost in the different regions that you operate
  • Automate international tax calculation with Billforward's Avalara integration.

Billing is a never-ending story

We know how important it is for your billing solution to grow with your business. We are here to support you, regardless of the stage you are at. From start-up, to SMB, to enterprise – we are here for you.

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